Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Du & मी - Story

'Du & मी' is a story of a German boy- Boris Zeidler who visits India while on a student exchange program. He is staying with an Indian (Marathi) host family of a young girl Radha Deshpande who in turn is going to visit Germany on student exchange program. For Boris and Radha’s family, this 'Cultural Exchange' has many surprises. Boris has arrived with huge preconceptions about India & Indian culture and vice versa. The two cultures collide.  But slowly Boris and Radha break the barriers to become very close friends. However, their intimacy starts becoming a matter of concern for the orthodox family and neighborhood. Eventually love prevails. The play is about relationships from the point of view of Global Youth that is progressive, firm and fearless! 


  1. It was a laugh riot all the way with a very thought-provoking message beautifully woven in.Every aspect of the play from the direction , to music and without doubt the acting were fantastic. Kudos to the team. Will certainly recommend it to friends and would gladly accompany them again and again.
    Keep it up!!

  2. Knowing,understanding & even at times appreciating various cultures is interesting & can be healthy too!It enriches human in general!Visiting families of different geographical,cultural background & understanding,learning their customs,rituals is what we call for last few centuries is a part of life!The play Du & me & it's performance was very good which I saw in Sathye Collage,Mumbai along with my daughter & our family friend.
    The best part I loved was the medium of acute,hilarious,splendid,spectacular,melodious etc..."Tingal & Tawali"which we people of Pune are excel in!
    It gave me tremendous happiness & glorious days of "Tingal & Tawali" are integral part of our growth!
    I congratulate each & everyone connected to Du & me play!
    I am curious,for instance,how the portion of say,aatharvashirshya will be done in German production?
    But play made my evening & I felt more young!